The art of wildlife photography is the science of observation – peering through a window into a life unlike your own.

Like most nature photographers, my own obsession with this art of observation began with a passion for nature. Growing up in Los Angeles there was little wilderness to find, so I focused instead on photographing life found in the nooks and crannies of civilization, particularly insects and birds. It was while studying ecology and art at the University of California at Santa Cruz that I discovered scuba diving, opening up the realm of the sea. I went on to combine my two most consuming hobbies to refocus on capturing life beneath California's green waves.

Today I continue to dive in my home pool of Monterey Bay as photographer, divemaster, and scientific diving technician with a camera system fondly named “Fred II”. Through a lens of art and science, I hope to open a window into the experience of the wild world and inspire awe and appreciation for the vast array of vibrant wildlife humanity shares this blue planet with.

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